Exploring the juxtapositional relationship between humans, nature, social demand, and luxury. We seek to saturate.

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Volume 01

The first issue of exclusive content from Venomous Magazine. Matte softcover. Ships worldwide.

Width - 140.0 mm Pages - 218

Height - 216.0 mm

Contributors: James Drew, Igor Meijer, Veronica Formos, Holly Parker, Jacilyn Bailey, Zane Meslani, Charis Kirchheimer, Diego Barrueco, Davide Pezzoni, Adam Wamsley, Rina Belle, Blaise Cepis, Andrew Babarczy, Andrew Hacko, Jacint Halasz, Nadia Von Rikka, Alessandra Bonizzi, & Leila Osvald.


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Volume 01 (Digital)

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