11. 08. 2019. Film by Linda Leitner featuring Alexina Graham.

Photography by Andreas Ortner. Styling by Jana Kapounová. Hair and Makeup by Petra Měchurová and Adriana Bartšová.



19. 04. 2019. Film by Linda Leitner featuring Sarah Saxinger.

Styling and Art Direction by Michaela Konz. Hair and Makeup by Vroni Eder and Nina Klein.

“…since I am a passionate surfer, I spent a lot of time on various beaches around the world. Whilst collecting sea shells, the jewelry of the oceans, which they gift us as memories, I encountered more and more trash and plastic. From time to time the number of shells seem to get the minority, buried under piles of plastic. This led me to the idea of creating a fashion story regarding this topic. 
We included garments using plastic material and surround the model with it, like the ocean's creatures are nowadays.

The effects of pollution cause irreversible damage. World-wide over sixty billion tons of plastic are produced each year, the majority of it being single-use items that are then tossed away. The problem with plastic, however, is this: it doesn't go away. Every article of plastic that has ever been manufactured, used, and discarded still exists in one form or another. This accumulation of plastic refuse is rapidly smothering our land, our oceans, our resources, and endangering marine life. Plastic never dissolves, it never biodegrades. It accumulates, and creates a cascade of destructive effects everywhere it lands.

The intent of my work is to raise awareness of this pressing consumer and environmental issue and motivate viewers to think twice about their habits.”

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. -Jacques-Yves Cousteau